Side Distraction - March 8, 2021

Using my super power of procrastination I have been working this last week on an app to sort through all of Swat 3's textures and create a list of duplicate textures.

Why is it taking all week?   1)  I am shitty coder.   2) I am only working very part time.   3) Other games need playing.

I have been wanting to do this for years since I first noticed that Swat 3 used many of the same textures but just renamed them from mission to mission.   For an example "a_door2.bmp" is probably identical to "b_door2.bmp" and so on.

Why you may ask?   This list of duplicate textures will help during the texture upgrade process in the Last Resort mod.

A secondary future goal may be to hack all of the .scn files of the Sierrra made maps so that they share a single texture.   This will help keep file sizes smaller and also allow easier updating of textures as they get improved.   Not sure I will ever get to this step though but that is partially why I am making this app.

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