Zero Hour

Dark Synopsis alerted me to an early access game that all Swat game fans might want to check out on Steam.   It is called Zero Hour and the developers have just added new cooperative features that remind me of Swat 4.

The developers are from Bangladesh and have set the game in their country.  Although the map layouts may seem a little odd to western eyes the officers in the game will speak English as they yell at the suspects.   You don't need to be able to understand Bengali to enjoy the game, lol.

I won't lie to you the game still needs a lot of work.  However some aspects are really well done and show that the developers have the talent to make a great game.   The officers models and the game's menu graphics are particularly outstanding.  The weakest parts of the game right now in my opinion (besides missing features) is netcode issues and map design.

Keep a watch on Zero Hour.


Unlocking Maps:

One controversial feature with the game is that you have to unlock the maps one at a time with earned points.  For casual gamers this can be a frustrating feature.   You can thankfully modify your game file to unlock all the maps with a simple Hex Editor.   I have also made the file available to download at the bottom of that tutorial.

Thanks to Dark Synopsis for suggesting buying the game and for helping test the hack.

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