Progress! - January 20, 2021

Things continue to improve on the NeuWon and Last Resort front.

The game server has been changed to a Windows based install to see if the server is more stable on it compared to Linux + Wine.   You will still see periods of server downtime until we are out of the beta tests and officially launched.

I have decided you give up on the old method of dynamic renaming of game executables with the Last Resort mod.   At one point it seemed to be a performance benefit to this method but recent testing says otherwise.   We all seem to require an app like dgVoodoo to run Swat 3 properly in Windows 10 so the dynamic renaming of game executables is rather useless now.   I am busy making code changes to the Last Resort Launcher and will test it in the beta 3 release.

One benefit of Covid is that I have a lot of free time to work on the mod.   Right now it is too dangerous to work in the film/tv industry in Canada.

Please continue to mask up and stay positive!  We will beat this virus.

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