I made a terrible mistake - August 9, 2020

As a Canadian it is my legal obligation to start by saying sorry.    I should have released the next version of the mod a while ago.

When Covid isolation first hit I grew lazy and didn't work on the mod anywhere near as much as I should.   Like everyone else I was stressed so I avoided working on the mod and instead played games and just took care of the home life.   I should have worked harder on getting the mod finished before the Covid lockdown ended here in Canada.

Now suddenly I am back to real life work.   The TV show I have worked on and off for 13 seasons is back shooting and I am on that full time until roughly Christmas (shorter season this time due to Covid).    However I hope to get the mod finished and released before then if I can find the energy.    I am about 10-15 photoshop screens away from being done.   Sounds easy right?

PS:   If I can wear a mask for 12+ hours a day then other people can wear it for an hour in the shops.  Please be responsible and kind towards your fellow humans!

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