Mission and Career screens fixed - April 16, 2020

A long standing bug with the Last Resort mod was that some screens were not properly centered when you chose a higher resolution than the default.  It was just something that I put off researching for many years.   Thankfully with the aid of Copy-cat's ability to think out of the box and my son Noisyboy coding me a script in Python I was able to easily update the massive Menu.dat that controlled them.

Another hurdle that had to be overcome was the fact that all of Swat 3's community made missions would have shown up on the map of Los Angeles in the wrong place if I had centered it.   To fix this problem I kept the map in it's usual place and had to add graphical elements to a new modified screen to keep it from looking very imbalanced.   Below is the 1920x1080 working new version of the Metro map that you would use in single player or career mode:


Click image to enlarge.

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