Beta released but still working on more - April 11, 2020

Hope everyone is healthy, wearing a mask and gloves when you go out (home-made masks are better than nothing), and doing social distancing!

An open beta test of the next release of the Last Resort mod is out with NeuWon support!   It is not the final version but it is available for the hardcore people who want to test and give feedback on it.   You can read all about it in this thread.

Would love to set up a gaming night to stress test the server and to have fun during these strange times.   Please post your suggestions for a gaming night in this thread in the forums.

Before the Last Resort mod gets released as a final version I am looking into fixing the remaining screens that don't properly center (for example single player missions).   I haven't bothered with those remaining screen since I assumed everyone would be playing Multiplayer games instead of the single player missions.   By the number of posts I see about this I was wrong in this assumption.   Copy-Cat made a great suggestion on how to fix this problem while also avoiding the issue with checksum errors in multiplayer.   Once again he gets the reward for thinking out of the box.


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