LR Launcher Code Update (part deux) - January 5, 2020

Happy New Year everyone!   A new decade!

Over the holidays I continued to plug away at updating the code to the Last Resort launcher.   I can't recall if I previously mentioned reasons why I am updating the code.  If I have already please forgive me and skip the next paragraph.

The original launcher code was written in ancient Visual Basic 6.   I never upgraded for two main reason: It still worked perfectly fine on modern versions of Windows and I was too lazy to learn the new code changes that were required to upgrade.   However since VB6 is so old we were starting to see problems with some anti-virus programs giving false positives on the Launcher's executable.   A pain in the ass.

As I get older and have some medical issues I find it harder to spend long hours coding on a project.  It is much easier for me to do it in small chunks now but of course that takes much longer.

Don't get me wrong, the usual distractions are still kicking my ass.  I am still addicted to Arma 3.  Lately I have further distracted by The Outer Worlds, Foxhole, Two Point Hospital and TV shows like The Expanse, Mandalorian, and The Witcher to name a few.

I am still working on this project so don't give up hope of a new release, lol.

PS:   I emailed the owner of to see if he can work on getting the Swat 3 servers back up.   I think he has some technical hurdles he has to get over to get the system back up and running but real life is getting in the way.

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