LR Launcher Code Update - December 16, 2019

Small updates:

I still haven't given up hope on updating the Last Resort Launcher to the most modern version of Visual Studio.  I have been struggling with converting the code for the EnumDisplaySettingsA function that determines the available screen resolutions.  It seems strange to me that there doesn't appear to be a more modern method of determining screen resolutions other than an API call to user32.   I can't find any information about a better method for Windows 10 anyways.   Still plugging away at updating the code regardless.

I contacted the owner of (the replacement servers from the Won network) to inquire how things were going since the website was down for a long period.   He has been very busy lately and hadn't checked the servers in a while.  He restarted the web server but the Swat 3 server still remains down.   Somewhat worrying.   I hate nagging him too much so I will resend an email soon.

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