Anyone still care? May 19, 2019

I finally got off my ass and did a final test of all the beta files for the Last Resort + NeuWon release.  They all work fine.   I just now have to update the installer package before I can release it.

I came across an interesting problem with my new HP i5 laptop.  It wouldn't do 800x600 resolution.   When I tried to run Swat 3 it would give an error about unable to set 800x600 in 2D mode.   The onboard Intel graphic chip didn't have 800x600 as an available resolution in the list.  I had to manually add it as a custom resolution in the driver (thankfully they make that an easy task).

I started back on the Canadian TV show that I work full time on at the beginning of May (it shoots for about 8 months).    We generally work a minimum of 11 hours per day so I am pretty tired when I get home.   I feel bad that I didn't get this mod release out before now so I have made it a goal to work on it this weekend and a little every weekend until it is done.   I am embarrased how long it has been since the last release.  Procrastination is my evil super power.

PS:   There is a Deadwood movie at the end of May on HBO !!

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