How did I get so lazy? - January 15, 2019

Welcome to a new year.

I need to get my shit organized. To give you an example of how unfocused I have been at Christmas time I got a new hard drive to put in my computer.   It is still sitting waiting to be installed.  All my existing drives are filled with games and such.

Here is a checklist of things I need to do before I can continue work on the mod:

  • install, partition, and format new hard drive
  • install VirtualBox (partially just as an experiment to try it out)
  • install Windows in VirtualBox
  • install my old trusted photo editing software
  • install the software to make the Last Resort installer
  • install my ancient copy of Visual Basic 6 (not easy to do on Windows 10)
  • intall latest version of Visual Studio to continue the update of the LR launcher

At this rate I should be good to go by 2020.

Recently I was reading an article about how Max Payne had a texture upgrade by using "AI" software to help increase the resolution of old textures using an open source process called ESRGAN.  We will have to experiment to see if this could be any benefit to some of Swat 3's ancient textures.   The problem is that Swat 3's textures may be too low of a resolution to do much with them.   It may be a "temporary" solution until better textures can be made.  Something to add to the "to do" list.



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