Anyone home? - November 21, 2018

I finally had enough free time to address a website error that we were getting since June when I updated the version of PHP the site uses.   Now that it is fixed (I think it is anyways) we will hopefully see less forum spam.  I am sure our moderator DarkSynopsis will appreciate that since he has been the one dealing with the spammers mostly.   His help is much appreciated.

The TV show that I have been working on since the spring is finally wrapped and new game releases are distracting me from working on the mod.   Red Dead Redemption 2 is a big culprit.   I decided not to buy Fallout 76 after trying the beta but I have picked back up with my Fallout 4 addiction by starting a new character.

I am still determined to finish and release the NeuWon update for Swat 3 so we can play online like the old days.  It is long overdue and feel bad.   I have also been negligent on checking on the Swat 3 server but I suspect my son has been keeping them up and running.

Swat 3 Reunited:  this massive repository of Swat 3 mods is back online after being down for about 6 months(?)   Great to see it back and that Copy-Cat and his staff are keeping it running!

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