What I am up to Part Deux - June 30, 2018

I have been working full time on a TV show since April so haven't had much free time.   We are on hiatus for a week so hopefully I can catch up on some Swat 3 stuff.

The last thing I was deep into for the Last Resort mod was new 1366x768 menus.  15" laptops have become more popular since I started this mod so many years ago and so a replacement resolution was long overdue.   I have completed the majority of menus but I have just started tackling the more complicated multiplayer menus (ie callup screen).

My son Noisyboy has been helping with modifying and expanding a Swat 3 browser map viewer that the brilliant AlienAbducter first made.  You can zoom around the Swat 3 maps right in your browser and examine how the original artists constructed the official maps.   Please feel free to give us any feedback in this forum thread.

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