Won Replacement Test Server - August 13, 2017

As discussed in the forum we now have a NeuWon test server up.    What is NeuWon you may ask?   It is a replacement for the old Won Network so that we can play Swat 3 on the internet again without the need of programs like Hamachi.

It is still a work in progress and the server will be down from time to time.  Ben, the creator of NeuWon, visits the forum once a week when his schedule allows and we are slowly working on improving the experience.

Presently I am working on updating the Last Resort mod so that it natively supports NeuWon (the goal is that as soon as you install the next version you will be able to use it).  For now it is recommended people turn off the Last Resort mod with the toggle switch at the top right BEFORE installing and using any NeuWon files.

To update the Last Resort mod I have had to go back to my original files and re-create work that I did about 15 years ago (and promptly forgot about) since Swat 3 only supported LAN multiplayer from when the official servers were taken offline.  First I will work on getting 1920x1080 menus updated and working for NeuWon and then later the other resolutions.

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