Mobile Friendly (sort of) - June 18, 2017

Lately I have worked on making the website look a little better but also making it mobile friendly (responsive to different sized phones and tablets).   The free template I chose for the site wasn't responsive in any way.   It is better now but it is far from perfect.  Consider it a work in progress.

The TV show that I have started worked on is fully rigged now and we start shooting on Monday.   I am sure we will be tweaking the lighting all week but hopefully things will slow down enough for me to have some energy by the time I get home.  Maybe I will even have time to actually work on the mod itself.

The recent shutdown of the OpenIV mod tool in the GTA5 community scares the crap out of me.   Lawyers don't care about gaming communities.  Hopefully Activision's lawyers won't come knocking here and if they do hopefully they will see that it is a benefit to the sales of Swat series on and Steam.


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