Swat 3 on Steam - April 26, 2017

While I was busy with real life work, Swat 3 was quietly released on Steam.   I bought a copy of the game (even though I still have my retail CD and the GOG.com version) to see what was different.  Some people reported issues installing the Last Resort mod with the Steam version.   The easiest way to troubleshoot it was to buy a copy on Steam.

The good news is that it is identical to the GOG.com version (game executables are identical so I assume it is also DRM free) and is fully compatible with The Last Resort mod.  You can even run the game without Steam running in the background.

The bad news is that there is a bug with the installer for the Last Resort mod that needs to be fixed.   This bug would only occur if you had two versions of Swat 3 installed on the same computer.    I have already uploaded the new version to the Mod Database (just waiting for it to be approved) and then I will send it to our friends at Tactical Ape for hosting.

You only need to download this new version of the mod if you wanted to have multiple copies of the game installed (ie both GOG.com and Steam at same time).

I updated this website today to the latest version of Joomla and also updated what version of PHP the server uses.  Please let me know if you see any funny business.


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