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As mentioned a few days ago I am presently trying to update the Last Resort launcher into Visual Studio 2015 from ancient Visual Basic 6.   Quite a bit has changed in the language so I am having to relearn how to do things.   A lot of old legacy commands are still supported in the language but I am trying to embrace all the newer more powerful commands.   Below is a screenshot of the very rough new version.   The real meat of the program isn't done yet but the basics of the user interface are there.

I am now using a built in tab control to get the 5 different tabs that the launcher uses.  There is a limitation with it that has forced me to change the look of the launcher.   I have been forced to lighten the background and the graphics since the extreme contrast of my old dark background was too much.  The new tab control does not give a lot of options to customize the look unfortunately.   There is a way to gain control of the look of the tab control but it was far too much effort and wouldn't have been as elegant in execution.


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