Last Resort Launcher Language Change - February 7, 2017

As you may be aware of, I code the Last Resort Launcher with an ancient language called Visual Basic 6 originally released in 1998 (a year before Swat 3).   I will pause while you laugh for a second or two.

There were two very good reasons why I never upgraded:

1) VB6 apps worked fine in all versions of Windows without the need of extra downloads to make it work

2) I was too lazy to learn the newer versions of the language

Okay, I admit it, the second reason was my main motivation for not upgrading.  Can't teach an old dog new tricks and such.

You can stop laughing because I started the process of rewriting the code in Visual Studio 2015.   Microsoft will no doubt be killing off VB6 apps sometime in the future so I want to be prepared for that. This will be a long slow process since a lot has changed and I am learning as I go.   Hopefully at the other end of this process the Last Resort Launcher will be more compatible with Windows 10 (and of course will still work with Windows 7 fine too).

One thing that I have found is that Visual Studio 2015 isn't as well documented as VB6.   One of the things that I loved with VB6 is that there were so many questions and code snippets posted on the internet by users that when you had an issue there was a lot of information available.

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