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Welcome to the home of the Last Resort mod for Swat 3.

This website is set up to help organize the construction of a mod to upgrade Swat 3 as much as possible considering we don't have the source code to the game.   We achieve this by a combination of hacked game executables, replacement textures, and by the use of a custom launcher for Swat 3.

 SVGA graphics was the standard for video games when Swat 3 was released back in 1999 but advances in technology have left Swat 3 looking very dated.   16-bit colour and a screen resolution of only 800x600 were normal back when the game first hit the market.

The Core Mod Goals:

  • Make the 2D menus run in several other resolutions instead of just 800x600
  • Make Swat 3 run the actual 3D part of the game at any chosen resolution
  • Double the draw distance of the game
  • Make the game use textures of a maximum size of 1024x1024 (instead of 256x256 pixels)
  • Make new menu and chat lobby graphics for larger screen resolutions
  • Upgrade low resolution textures in Swat 3 on all maps

Future Wish List:

  • Upgrade low polygon 3D weapon models and character skins
  • 32 bit colour rendering instead of the default 16 bit colour

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New version out now!   

Last beta update: December 22, 2023   

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SCNeditor updates help with mod - January 22, 2024

While I have been working on new textures for the Last Resort mod my son has updated an invaluable tool that we use called "SCNedit".   This tool was originally made by the brilliant community member AlienAbductor back in 2010 as a way of making edits to compiled Swat 3 maps.    My son, who goes by the name Noisy, is a much better coder than I am and recently has updated it so he could compile it using Microsoft Visual C++.  He has of course also added a few more features.

Below is a screenshot of one of these new features and how it helps the Last Resort mod:


Mission A fix with SCNedit


As you can see in these screenshots of Mission A (the Martin Brenner map) the original developers made a mistake and made it so that the front fence doesn't cast a shadow on the grass and the rock path.  While this is a minor mistake it is something that has always bugged me with this map.    With version 0.4.6 of the SCNedit app we can edit the flag assigned to the grass geometry and to the rock pathway geometry so that they both receive a shadow from the fence.

An updated version of Mission A with this fix will be released in the next version of the Last Resort mod.   We will also be releasing version v0.4.6 of SCNedit in the future for mod makers.