SWAT 2 Crash Fix


The Problem:


You are probably reading this after you installed Swat 2 in Windows 10 and tried running it for the first time.  You got an immediate crash to desktop as the game is starting up.  Maybe you got a vague error about "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022)". What the heck is going on?!


The Cause:


You probably have a file permission problem and most likely it is with the file:




You will need to change the file permission for "dplayx.dll" from READ to FULL CONTROL.   You can do this for the Administrator account or for a specific user account.

How do you change the permission you may ask?  Read the following link on how to change permissions of a file in Windows 10.


Help I still get a crash!


Your system may be having difficulty playing the Swat 2 movies.   To confirm that this is the problem GOG.com support recommends you go to the folder that Swat 2 was installed into and temporarily rename the movie folder (for instance rename it from "Movies" to "MoviesBackup".

Re-run the game and see if you can get past the part in which it crashed at.

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