New Prop_Static Entity for WorldCraft

3 months 1 week ago #662 by CraftyReaper
CraftyReaper replied the topic: New Prop_Static Entity for WorldCraft
On the subject of inserting static meshes into the game, can you give more specifics on what is actually required at present.

What is the polygon limit (I see 5000 for a prop static - is this the case for a lit actor. is there progress on this)
What is the maximum texture resolution (1024?) does it have to be in .BMP or .TGA, is there a preference.
What is the scale for example - 1 unit in a .map file is equivalent to how many 1cm / inches
Does the model require a bone and skinning. What is the structure (naming conventions) for this?
Would, or could it be dynamically lit or would the texture require tweaking to get this effect. Would lighting the texture from the correct angle in a modelling package and then baking that information into the texture be helpful.

This information would allow one to be created for testing and then tweaked form there.

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