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Medical Issues - March 20, 2015

About 1.5 years ago I started to have strange symptoms that have slowly but steadily grown worse.   I have gone to see a ton of doctors but it is an extremely slow process trying to diagnose what is wrong.   I have learnt the hard way that there is no genius "Doctor House" that will figure this all out.

Canada is great because of universal healthcare but sometimes I wonder if all the best doctors move to the USA for a better income.   None of the doctors seem to have a clue what is going on.   When you get an appointment with a specialist you wait a month or two and cross your fingers that they don't cancel at the last minute (this has happened three times to me).

Sorry for this rant. I have gone off topic, lol.    In terms of this mod there are a lot of days in the last couple of months I don't feel like working on it.   I am just taking it easy.    I want to release a beta of version 0.7 soon but I am working on more new map replacement textures. With the new version I hope people will actually start noticing a change with the game more so than just the main menu.   You guys needs to start seeing the actual purpose and benefit of the Last Resort mod.

I apologise for the delay for the 3 or 4 of you that actually are waiting for the new version :)

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Anti-virus false positives - March 16, 2015

I code all my apps in Visual Basic 6 (please stop laughing).   I have been too lazy to upgrade to the latest Visual Studio because it would mean I would need to re-code a lot of stuff.   This is just extra work I don't have time for.

My Visual Basic 6 apps still run nicely in Windows without the download of any extra software. If I upgraded to Visual Studio you would need to download a framework just to get the apps to run.

Lately though I am thinking of switching to Visual Studio 2013 because my damned anti-virus keeps giving a false positive about Visual Basic 6 files.    Yes, I am 99.9% sure these are all false positives because I keep my machines clean (scanned with up to date anti-virus and also several run-on-demand anti-malware packages).  I have also monitored the communication of my VB6 apps and none of them have made strange internet connections.

Please feel free to discuss this in the forum if you have any concerns.   My biggest fear is losing the confidence of the public when it comes to running my apps and I would never do anything to risk that.

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GTA5 Heists Tomorrow - March 9, 2015

Tomorrow is the long awaited release of the cooperative heists DLC for GTA5 Online so don't expect me to get much work done.

Below is a screenshot of a new replacement texture from Mission B (Victor and Albert Getts house).  The texture is a drafting table found in the den of the house.   The original texture looks rather blurry compared to the new 512x512 pixel replacement texture.   Both of them are shown here without any in-game lighting.  

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Still Not Released - March 5, 2015

Welcome to March.   I still haven't finished the new version of the mod obviously.    I finished watching The Wire and I foolishly started re-watching The Sopranos.

I was working today some more on the TV Station mission and discovered that there were 3 decals that weren't working.  The original map makers didn't place the decal entities properly so they never showed up in the game.

Below are screenshots of the original texures before I replace them with high resolution versions.  The original Sierra map makers intended for these textures to be there but somehow screwed up and the decals never showed properly until today.

Missing poster texture fixed:  


Missing cork bulletin board texture fixed:


Missing poster texture fixed:

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Website issue fixed and The Wire - February 17, 2015

I never noticed before today but the website template had a bug in it that I now have fixed.   When people registered it wouldn't give any feedback that they registered successfully.  They would just get a blank page.

I should apologize.   I haven't worked on the mod at all over the long 4 day weekend because I am binge-watching the HD remastered version of "The Wire".   What an amazing show it was.  I have watched the series before in standard definition 4:3 format but I have never seen the remastered 16:9 HD version. 

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TV Station Textures - February 13, 2015

I am jumping around from map to map doing some of the worst offending textures.  I started work on the TV Station this week and wanted to show you a new trophy case texture I created.   The original was very blurry in the game because it takes up a whole wall.   The replacement texture doesn't replicate the original very well but it gets across the same feeling.   Normally I try to duplicate the original Sierra texture as closely as possible but decided to stray a little with the trophy case.

The replacement texture is 512 x 256 pixels.  I could have done a 1024 x 512 pixel texture but I decided it wasn't worth it.   I have to make judgement calls to keep the video memory reasonable.

By the way, hope you have a great Valentine's day tomorrow.  Hope you get some luvvin'!

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