What I am up to - January 18, 2018

As you may be aware I am working towards including native support for the NeuWon network for Swat 3.   Ben, the maker of NeuWon, saw the rough logo I made and requested I give him a larger size for his website.   I had to start from scratch to make a larger version since it was just a quick and dirty version originally.  Below is the new version.  You may notice it is a recreated and modified version of the old Won.Net logo.

After I made the new logo I noticed it clashed with the colours on the NeuWon website so I got took the liberty of modifying the website graphics for Ben.  It sounds bold but I just emailed the changes to Ben and he decided if he liked them or not.

This whole process took a day (I work slowly while sorting all my MP3 files as a distraction).


I am presently working on the modified 800x600 graphics for the "NeuWon" release.   A slow part of the process is making all the new rollover buttons for the main menu.   I decided to make an overlay to speed things along (will be useful with all the other resolutions after this too).

On a personal note I have many potential distractions right now.  I just bought The Division and a second copy of R6 Siege.   My Blade Runner 2049 and Dunkirk Bluray discs both finally arrived in the mail.  Must. Not. Procrastinate.

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