Quick update - May 15, 2017

Finally the "Latest Forum Posts" module is back on the right hand side.   It took them 6 months to release a new version with the bug fixes.   I like to think I had a hand in that since I went to their forums and begged and pleaded and shamed the developer, lol.

The Mod Database still hasn't authorised the version of the Last Resort mod that I released on April 25th.   This is extremely odd of them since normally they approve the files in a day or two.  I sent them an email so hopefully I will have an answer why it is so massively delayed.   Thankfully Tactical Ape is always there for our hosting needs.

I took a kids TV show to work on for the next few months.    It is easy work and the studio is near where I live so the commute is fast. The actual content of the show is horrible but it is a pay cheque.   The hours won't be ridiculously long like some shows so I will actually have a summer instead of always being at work.   More time to game and maybe even work on the mod, lol.


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